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Arctic Zoo Fest

Saturday, February 14th
12:00pm - 4:00pm 

Enjoy a winter wonderland at the Zoo with indoor and outdoor winter-themed activities for the whole family. Join us as we learn all about the special adaptations that animals have to live in the colder climates! Admission is FREE! Carousel tickets are $1 per person, per ride. As always, Children's Zoo Members ride the carousel for free. It will be a great place to cozy up with your Valentine. 

Arctic wolf


 New Prices News & Updates
 Admission is $5 per person
Infants 11 months and under are free
 Mika the River Otter Celebrates Big Birthday
 Train & Carousel rides are
$1 per person, per ride
 Zoo Welcomes New Pair of Endangered
Penguins to Help Breed
Thrifty Tuesday admission is $3.50 per person  



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