Meet Cypress, our Newest (and Wooliest) Addition! 

It was a brisk Wednesday morning on October 16th, 2013. The zoo staff was just starting their daily business when the call we had all been waiting for came over the radio: Lily was going into labor!

Despite everyones excitement, only our lead keeper and our zoo vet were allowed to go and see to her. Lily needed some peace and quiet so that she could be as calm and comfortable as possible. 

During the Royal Alpaca Baby Shower, visitors were able to vote for names from a list, with one winning boy name (Cypress) and one winning girl name (Ivy). Staff and volunteers were equally divided on which gender they wanted the newest addition to be. So while everyone went about their daily routine, all ears were eagerly awaiting the gender announcement of our little bundle of joy. 

"It's a boy!" finally thundered over the radio. News stations were called, Facebook and Twitter was updated, and high fives were given. Our prince was here! 


Within two hours, Cypress was attempting to control his wobbly knees. Watch a video of his first walk here:

Cypress' First Baby Steps


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